Tambour (Kendang/ Kendhang) Musical Instrument

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traditional musical tambour

Musical instrument kendang / Tambour / kendhang are played traditional musical instruments in a way like the percussion hit. Kendang made ​​of wood with a membrane (membrane), and the Tambour also shared some parts, small Tambour called a tambourine, medium and large Tambour called redap. For Tambour sounds, simply use the hand or paddle Tambour.

Function as a determinant of the Tambour tempo of music to accompany the dance or martial arts, Tambour also used to accompany the bridal procession, a ceremony welcoming guests, even the Tambour was also used as a major instrument in the process of recording a song dangdut than distilled.

Regarding the origin of the Tambour may have a story for each region respectively, as almost all places have musical Tambour, just names and forms are different. For example, people often refer to Tambour java and there is also a Tambour called Sunda.

Type of Tambour is usually found tiong Kendhang or Tambour and kendang hardrah measles. Tiong tambour or Tambour measles has long cylinder tube, usually 21-40 cm, while the Tambour hardrah shorter cylinder tube is 15-30 cm.

How to use the kendang in time by hand without any tools. Tambour has many functions, such as a dance accompanist Pencak Silat, host tempo or dynamic affirmation of an orchestra, or often only as a complement to further enliven the atmosphere.
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