Innovative and Creative Guitar Instrument


Innovative and Creative Guitar

The guitar also has developed from time to time. Although these developments are not too much. but so great an influence on the wearer. As we know, most of the top musicians have Endorment Company, which is a custom manufacturer of musical instruments to suit their individual needs. Custom products is called the Signature Series.

When it comes to the guitar, Eddie Van Halen is definitely the name will be called. Because he is not only good at playing the six-string instrument. But it is also a pioneer in the use of the whammy bar up / down which became known as the Floyd Rose tremolo. Innovation is complete with a lock nut on the guitar strings. This system is known as the locking nut tremolo system.

Eddie developed a tremolo system that already exists. That tremolo that can only be pressed down or down (produces a lower pitch). The old system was developed by the Fender factory and installed as standard equipment on the model Stratocaster. This innovation occurred to him in about 1976. At that time the great guitarists like Ritchie Blackmore and Jimmy Page often experience problems in tuning their guitars. Because they often do too much bending the strings to produce sound that is 1 ½ tone higher. As a result, the strings must be loosened and the tone also be key.

With a locking nut tremolo system, the strings are locked at the nut guitar so as not to shift the tension. So that is already tuned the sixth string from the tuning peg (player at the head of the guitar strings), locked so that the tuning peg interested no longer by the tension of the strings.

In the bridge-guitar, mounted a saddle 'hanging' (yes Floyd Rose it). Called hanging because his position is not permanent and only 'perched' on a 'hinge' on the front. The new position budge (fitting into place) after the whole string is installed and also installed per (usually numbering three) on the back of the guitar to counter the tension of the strings. So the bridge back in touch with the front mudguards and hold the strings. Tension strings and per each hold so that the bridge remains in position.

Then mounted on the bridge whammy bar which is a stick (the same as in the old system tremolo) to change the string tension. The trick is to press to loosen the strings (in order to produce a lower tone) and pull it to tense strings (for the sake of a higher pitch).

In addition to guitar --- he made his own in his garage --- it, Eddie is also modifying its Marshall amps. The amp tube-tube replaced. He also changed the impedance on the speakers. The result is a sound that is much faster but with a more delicate texture. All these results add modifiers tooling, self-titled debut album was recorded in tittle Van Halen, released in 1978. That's why this album is called as the beginning of a revolution.

Indeed, that's a fact. Because tremolo system like this later in the patent by Floyd Rose and used by all guitar factories that developed after that time. Even vintage guitar makers like Fender also apply it (even holding a Floyd Rose licensed).
Just like the Gibson factory conservative who remains at his old design. But Gibson was also sometimes install them on most of their signature series products. Industrial and engineering play a guitar is experiencing a revolution in the late 70s.
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