Vocal Recording Tips

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Vocal Recording
Perform special recording vocals is relatively more difficult than music recording instrument. Some of the problems typically encountered in doing vocal recording is Noise, Plosive, Sibilance, and Proximity Effect. However, there are some tips and tricks to maximize the vocal recording. Here are some Vocal Recording Tips:
Constant sound participating unwanted sounds recorded as air conditioning, fans, and so on.

  • Make a recording in a soundproof.
  • Or it could be a trick 4 thick carpet hanging around the singer in the shape of a square, so the singer as if trapped in the carpet.
  • Turn off the sound sources that can interfere with recording prose, such as turn off the fan.
  • Can also do editing using the plugin 'Noise Reduction' after the taping.

Explosive sounds were recorded as lead singer mentions the letters P, B, D, or T. For example, when the word 'go', 'when', 'he', 'know' and so on.

  • Use Pop Shield between the mic and the singer (usually a round as a filter)
  • If you do not have a Pop Shield, you can use the following trick: The position of the mouth do not fit on the mic but a little bit to the top. If you use this trick, input gain should be increased so that the recorded levels remain good.

The letter 'S' which sounds a bit excessive. This case only exists on some singers vocals. Consider carefully whether for the word contained the letter 'S' sounds sharp or not.

  • Once recorded, use the plugin 'De-Esser' during the editing process to reduce the sharpness of the sound 'S'.

Proximity Effect
The sound becomes too mouth bass at positions close to the mic. The closer the position of the mouth to the mic, the greater the bass frequencies to be heard.

  • Find a position where the content is not excessive bass frequencies but also no less by adjusting the mouth with the mic.

Use quality soundcard and mic types as needed.

Soundcard is selected should not type soundcard for gaming or home theater, but use professional recording soundcard. To connect using firewire external type result is better than using a USB connection for now, with the exception of future data transfer speed USB connection already offers better like USB3. We recommend using a quality microphone and cables to minimize noise generated.
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