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There are several tools in addition to the tools instument (instruments such as drums, guitar, bass, etc.) are needed in Build A Home Recording Studio, some of which are computers. Of course, we are desperately in need of a computer, as I discuss here is digital-based recording. All start from Tunner, selection fx guitar, bass, drums, editing, mixing, mastering we do it with the help of computers. Therefore, it would be nice if the computer you are using has a good spec.

And the things that you should not ignore is the Soundcard / conveter / audio interface in order to produce good audio quality.

Soundcard is a component found in PC that served to support the voice function in a multimedia PC. Sound card is a peripheral that is connected to the ISA or PCI slot on the motherboard, which allows computers to incorporate input, process and deliver the data in the form of sound. As with any VGA card, sound card also has a variety of shapes, kinds and types.

Soundcard function is as synthesizer, as a MIDI interface, converting analog data to digital (eg record sound from microphone) and converting digital data into analog form (eg when producing sound from the speakers). And are usually found on computers that characterized Multimedia.

While the way the vote is usually used three ways, namely:

  1. Through technology frequency modulation (FM) or via FM synthesis is the most effective way to produce a clear sound. The sound is simulated by using a number algorithm to generate sine wave, aka the bending waves that produce a sound that sounds like the original source. For example, the tinkling sound of the guitar will be simulated and the results will be close to the original sound.
  2. How to record voice wavetable is stored on the chip sound card, and passes it to the speakers.
  3. Voice synthesizing means physically simulated through a complex programming procedures.

How it Works Soundcard is when you hear the sound of the sound card, the sound in the form of digital data waveform. Wav or mp3 sent to the sound card. This digital data is processed by the DSP (Digital Signal Processing: Digital signal processing) is working with the DAC (Digital Analog Converter: Digital to Analog Conversion). Changing the digital signal into an analog signal, which is then amplified and analog signals issued via speaker.

When you record sound via microphone. your voice in the form of analog processing by DSP, in the mode ADC (Analog Digital Converter: Convert analog to digital). Converts the analog signal into a digital signal that is sustainable. This digital signal stored in waveform table format or plain written Wav (wave) in the disk or compressed into other forms such as mp3.

Soundcard: Build A Home Recording Studio 4.5 5 samuelkurnianta There are several tools in addition to the tools instument (instruments such as drums, guitar, bass, etc.) are needed in Build A Home Rec...

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