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Dream Theater, a progressive metal band group greatly appreciate the significance of the presence of fans. It is their show with the release of the compilation for free. Dream Theater released a free compilation of Live Album, 13 songs that they show on stage during their tour, titled A Dramatic Tour Of Events. Through the official website of Dream Theater, they gave a statement saying "For our fans all over the world! Because you all "A Dramatic Tour Of Events" to be successful. We enjoyed playing for you all and every night in the streets! "

dream theater live album 

"As a special token of appreciation we release a compilation of songs that are not included in the live album Live At Luna Park. With the release of this compilation, you have to have a complete documentation of the songs that we play throughout the tour yesterday (except for cover songs). Happy holidays, and we hope to be with you for "Along For the Ride" in 2014".

Here is a list of free compilation tracks from Dream Theater:


01. Under A Glass Moon (Phoenix, AZ 12/4/11)
02. Forsaken (London, UK 7/24/11)
03. Peruvian Skies (London, UK 7/24/11)
04. Endless Sacrifice (Austin, TX 10/26/11)
05. Drum Solo (Austin, TX 10/26/11)
06. YtseJam (Austin, TX 10/26/11)
07. The Great Debate (London, UK 7/24/11)


08. Another Day (Austin, TX 7/7/12)
09. Through My Words/Fatal Tragedy (Montreal, QB 10/7/11)
10. To Live Forever (Huntington, NY 7/19/12)
11. Learning To Live (Tel Aviv, Israel 7/19/11)
12. The Count Of Tuscany (London, UK 7/24/11)
13. As I Am (Shibuya, Japan 4/24/12)

Furthermore, the prestigious music event the world, the Grammy Awards in 2014, Dream Theater was nominated in the Best Metal Performance category. Through their single titled The Enemy Inside of a self-titled album, Dream Theater will be coupled with Anthrax, Black Sabbath, Killswitch Engage and Volbeat feat. King Diamond.

Dream Theater was first nominated for the Grammy Awards in 2012 is currently with The Backs Of Angels song from the album A Dramatic Turn Of Events for the category of Best Hard Rock / Metal Performance.

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