Playing the Recorder or Flute

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Playing Recorder

Playing the Recorder or flute commonly used for teaching in all schools, the recorder is often used is the recorder soprano soprano recorders, in addition there is also a sopranino recorder and alto recorders. Soprano Recorder have sound from the area c ' (all the holes closed all) s/d ' b ', but for the high tone is almost certainly sound dissonant at all. Recorders including melodic instrument rather than a rhythmic (accompanist). The practice of music will be divided into two, namely: individual and group practices.

Fingering On Recorder

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Right hand left hand:

1. the left hand holding the top of the flute, right hand bottom
2. Head and shoulders erect natural (not tense)
3. bloated Chest and both elbows raised so as not to touch the body.
4. the source of the blast was placed above the bottom lip, upper lip touched the source graceful puffs.
5. do not put the source of the blast was too deep that touches the teeth, and do not be bitten.

Breathing Techniques and Puffs

A good breathing just as we sing that is using the respiratory diaphragm, and to produce a nice blast of such utter the word TU, puffs must be flat don't blow too strong so deafening. Usually the tone (c ') is the most difficult is emitted.

Tuning on the Recorder

Recorder can be in the barrel, adjustable audible tone if somewhat fals, but usually not until the rise and fall of a tone half tone. To be in tune Recorder, can pull the head or tail of the recorder with sound likened to stem fluit, fork or keyboard.

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