The Flute Musical Instrument


In any wind instruments, emphasizing sounded kind of air through the pipe. In the organ, the harder and largest wind instruments, air pressure, called puffs (wind) out of the reservoir continues to be supplied by a blower. In the orchestra there are two types of wind instruments are woodwind and brass. In the 1600s flute become an important instrument for opera and orchestra. Flute cylindrical two-foot-long, two hole pipe closed at both ends. Played flute in the present designed by Theobald Boehm in the 1830s. Prior to this period, the flute is made of wood, like all woodwind instrument, the flute has a number of holes and the valve.

In simple range or coverage area of ​​the tone of the instrument is the flute tone d1 (read: d one) to c3 (read: c three). Flute has a family consisting of several different types of the Transverse Flute flute blown sideways. The form is simpler than a modern flute has six holes, and only as Recorder. The second is Picolo, the height level of the small flute an octave higher than the flute concert. Picolo sounds absolutely brilliant, sharp and piercing.

Transverse flute has finger holes are larger than in the baroque era, with the goal of obtaining a more dynamic range increases. Wide variety of combinations in close or open metal can produce different tones of this instrument in the game. Tone production depends on how your fingers opening and closing the hole and how one blow.

There are two types of connections feet on concert flute, the foot of the standard C or B foot longer with an extra valve to extend the reach of flute tone B below middle C. In addition it also achieved by adding a connection Bes foot (foot joint) on the instrument. Reach modern flute is three octaves from middle C, or a semi-tone lower legs with the help of connection B. This shows that the concert flute is the instrument of the highest common orchestral sound, with the exception of picolo, who played an octave higher. Alto flute in G or bass flute in C, has a pure and kwart tuning an octave below the concert flute, rarely used. Parts are written for alto flute more than the bass flute. Alto flute heavier than the concert flute so rarely played.
The Flute Musical Instrument 4.5 5 samuelkurnianta In any wind instruments, emphasizing sounded kind of air through the pipe. In the organ, the harder and largest wind instruments, air pres...


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