The Double Bass

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A low-voiced stringed instruments in violin family is the double bass. Bass is also a great instrument that measures the height of more than 6 feet. Because Bass are very high, the bass player had to stand or sit on the bench while playing.

Double bass violin evolved since the 1500s. Many shapes and sizes have been made for ease in playing bass. You can see the bass player behind the cello, the right conductor.

Agency instrument is hollow, so being a resonating box for the sound to match. Four strings (sometimes five on kontrabass) got made ​​of silk, nylon, steel or fiber wrapped palms points below or above, there is no limit of the instrument and connected with another tailpiece. They stretched tightly across a bridge to produce a point tone / pitch assigned to them.

Kontrabass, or bass guitar is the instrument of the lowest and most in stringed instruments. Kontrabass shoulders are rounded instead of square shoulders like other stringed instruments. Because of its size, the player is standing or sitting in a high chair to play ..

As a member of the stringed instrument that has a very low voice, in a simple range or coverage area on the instruments Double Bass tone is the tone of E1 to C. Simply put, the area coverage violin tone can be described as follows.
coverage area Double Bass+tone

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