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Cello is part of the traditional string quartet as well as string quintet, Sextet or trios and other mixed ensembles. There are also works written for two, three, four or more cellos, this type of ensemble is called the cello choir with a familiar voice from start to overtune Rossini William Tell and as in Verdi's Nabucco Zaccharias work.

As an ensemble, the most popular work is the Bachianas Brasileiras for cello ensemble works of Villa-Lobos. Another example is Messagesquisse for 7 cello works Boulez. Twelve cellist of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (The Twelve) have specification to play in this work and has played in many works, including arrangements of the popular songs.

Cello rarely used in pop music than in classical music, cello sometimes displayed in the pop and rock recordings. In 1960, as The Beatles and Cher used the cello in their pop music, in songs such as "Bang-Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)," "Eleanor Rigby" and "Strawberry Fields Forever". In 1970, the Electric Light Orchestra enjoyed success inspired arrangement called "Beatlesque", adding the cello (and violin) in their rock elements, and in 1978 a British rock band, Coloseum II, collaborated with the cellist Julian Lloyd Webber called the Variations recording process.

Non-traditional cello groups that already exist are Apocalyptica, a group of Finnish cellist who is known for their version of the song Metalica, Rasputina, a group with two female cellist cello intends to combine style with Goth music, Von Cello, a cellist wing rock trio, The 440 Alliance, involving an ensemble with percussion and DJ, Break of Reality and Primitivity. These groups are examples of a style called cello rocksilenzium and Vivacello is the Russian cellist who plays rock and metal music are increasingly popular in Siberia. The band, who then uses cello include Aerosmith, Nirvana, Oasis, Murder by Death, and Cursive.

Artists called "chamber pop" like the Kronos Quartet and Margot and the Nuclear So and So's also used cello in modern alternative rock. Such as the heavy metal band System of a Down are also many uses of the cello in his music. Indie rock band The Stiletto Formal are known for using a cello as the core of their musical game.

In jazz, the bass player Oscar Pettiford and Harry Babasin is an artist who uses the cello as a solo instrument, set the instrument to the fourth pettiford, an octave above the double bass. Contemporary jazz cellist Abdul Wadud, among others, Diedre Murray, Ron Carter, Dave Holland, David Darling, Akua Dixon, Ernst reijseger, Fred Lønberg-Holm, and Erik Friedlander.

Cello in Genre of Music 4.5 5 Samuel Kurnianta Cello is part of the traditional string quartet as well as string quintet, Sextet or trios and other mixed ensembles. There are also works ...

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