Tips for Playing Electric Guitar

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Before playing the electric guitar needs to know the guitar work. Electric guitar is a guitar that sound source obtained synthetically pick up the vibration of the strings transform into an electrical signal, and then amplified and converted into sound through an amplifier or sound reinforcement. In the play the electric guitar has always been to get the sound effects sound character that are not available in guitar amplifiers, such as chorus, distortion, overdrive, flanger, delay, tremolo and reverb.

Electric Guitar

  • In this way the input knob guitar effects guitar connected and the output of the amplifier is connected guitar effects.
  • Volume to adjust the small voice hard.
  • Bass serves to increase or decrease the low frequency response. Treble serves to augment the sound becomes higher or make a sharp effect.
  • Midle serves effect change treble and bass.
  • Drive / distortion sounds to get acquired by rotating the gain level.
  • Reverb to get the sound effects such as echo room, hall and others.
  • Effect send and return, if we want to use extertnal effet. to get it, we send knob connect to the input of the effect used. And in return we connect to the output effect is used. Excess use of this facility is to optimize the abilities of guitar effects and the ability of the guitar amplifier.

Electric Guitar Picking Exercises with Plectrum

Plectrum is an invaluable tool hand to strum guitar strings electrical, generally plectrum played right-handed. This method is more familiarly used in electric guitar. There are three types of plectrum electric guitars are:

guitar plectrum-pick

This type is excellent for pick technique harmony, has a thickness ranging from 2:00 to 3:00 mm.

This type is suitable for single-game tones or melodies, this pick has a thickness of approximately 1.0 mm.

type of pick is perfect for doing resquendo or beaters, having a thickness of less than 0.9 mm.

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Love your blog! I've been learning the guitar for some time and starting to master it. I still struggle with guitar tuning without a electronic aid though!
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