Drum Musical Instrument History

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Drum Musical Instrument
Drum musical instrument is a device that raises the voice of a long and impressive film with some type of object, usually a curved stick. Drums consist of a hollowed out piece that extends to the end of the drum, and tuning keys or pegs which stiffens or loosens the membrane to achieve different tones. In history, drums and cymbals played separately in military and orchestral music settings. Initially, drummers played the bass and snare drums by hand, and then developed with the footpedals to play the bass drum. Hi-hat appeared around 1926. Metal consoles were developed to hold Chinese tom-toms, with swing out stands for snare drums and cymbals. In the 1930's, popularized efficiently which leads to a four piece drum base standard: bass, snare, tom-tom, and floor tom.

In history, one of the drummers that can play two or more drums at the same time, people started placing groups of drums together for one musician to play. Louie Bellson using two bass drums, or the double bass drum. Gene Krupa, the first drummer to lead its own orchestra and thrust the drums into the spot light with a drum solo, the others will soon follow the lead. With the influence of rock and roll, a watershed appears, when Surfaris released "Wipe Out" and when Ringo Starr of The Beatles played a Ludwig kit on American television, the events that motivated legions to take up the drums.

Drum major for Rock music began in the 1960s and gained momentum in the 1970s. In the 1980s, became very popular and the musicians who use a large number of drums and cymbals, and also began using electronic drums. In the 2000s, many drummers in popular music has returned back to basic four piece drum standards.

Inside the drum can be seen the game an emotional person, but it also play drums but also vary According core of his songs being brought. From the world famous drummers like Travis, he played with relying on speed, agility and feeling very good tempo. In addition, other famous drummers such as Mike Portnoy, he played with regard knock songs played in order to vote in accordance with the music blows. Drum musical instrument became the foundation upon roomates every tune sounded so upbeat.

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