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In ancient times, people create music solely for the sake of ritual. Along with the development of human civilization, musical instruments change. Previously, people who only use the body as an instrument and just be rhythmic.

Music is my breath for the life of all people. Music was able to unite the various differences that exist between people. In fact, music can be a medium of communication among all levels of society, regardless of the dignity of difference.Developments in the current music is very influential on the development of human life order. Music is no longer used as a means of worship, but has become a means of entertainment and education. Music today has become something that is universal and can be enjoyed by everyone. 


Music as a means of education, music and thrive in non-formal environments. The public who have concerns and special interests trying to preserve the music. To further preserve the community to make music as part of education. That way the next generation has a cultural insight and creative attitude to appreciate musical works, both new and old artists.Musical instruments are often taught how to play school-formal schools, among others, recorder, piano, keyboard, harp, guitar, and others.

Music as a means of entertainment, music as a means of entertainment usually be found at the wedding celebration, a party of the people, and so on. Music is sipatnya entertain the audience. Because it is sometimes less good quality music. For example, the quality is not important, what is important to follow the musical tastes of the audience. And finally, the audience satisfied to see a musical.In a music performance,
viewers will see the presentation of a musical instrument. 
1. Single game or a single concert is a musical form of the game a player is presented with one / several instruments. 
2. Playing with or musical ensemble is a form permanian presented some person or group of people with a number of musical instruments, both musical instrument similar or different.

Things that can affect both forms of musical presentation is: 

1. The number of musicians (musician) 
2. Number of instruments 
3. Area of ​​the building (the show) 
4. Context performances

This instrument can also be grouped by function, namely:

1. Tuned instrument

Tuned instrument is pitched musical instrument that can be used as a carrier or a series of melody melodic grooves. Examples of this instrument is the flute, harmonica, and seksofon.

2. Musical rhythmic

Rhythmic musical instrument is a musical instrument that has no tone, this tool is used as a carrier so that the work rhythm of music played can be stable. Examples of this instrument is the drum, tambourine, and triangle.

3. Musical Harmony

Harmonious musical instrument is a musical instrument that can generate chords blend in harmony. Examples of this instrument is the guitar, piano and chord deon. This instrument enabled to accompany the song.

Playing a musical instrument should be implemented as possible. Good training does not mean the number of training often, but regular training and quality. Quality of the game is when we make mistakes, we analyze the problem and fix it immediately. Furthermore, we reiterate our continued training until absolutely no errors.

Trainging with musical instrument rhythmic music
. Rhythmic musical instrument is a musical instrument that can give or take a certain rhythm when played together. To play this instrument, we need rhythmic notation.
Rhythmic notation is a notation that is used in a musical ensemble. Rhythmic notation can be a block notation, notation overview, or by certain signs.
Using the notation depends on the composer in writing the notation that notation to facilitate the musicians to play a piece of music.
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