The Harmony of Science

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Basically the harmony of science is divided into two, namely conventional harmony and modern harmony. Conventional harmony learn how to make arrangements for choirs (vocal) by grouping types of voice soprano, alto, tenor, and bass is more popular or to fill in SATB. While modern harmony is a science that studies the problem of harmony and chord scales, for both vocal and instrumental music. Modern harmony is widely used as a basis for improvisation in jazz and pop music.

The human voice is divided into 4 types: soprano is a type of female voice with high tone areas, alto voice is a kind woman with a low tone areas, tenor voice is a kind man with a high tone areas, the bass is a type of male voice with a low tone areas.

The division of the type of sound a more detailed example: mezzo soprano, is a type of female voice that area is lower than the soprano voice but higher than the alto. Baritone is a type of male voice sound lower region of the tenor and higher than bass.

Samuel Kurnianta
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