Choir Arrangements

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Choir is an integral part of a number of performers from several different types of sounds and combine them under the leadership of a conductor. Conductor or conductor is a job leading a group of musicians both vocal music, instruments or a combination of vocals and instruments.

To be able to do the job required several requirements such as having a spirit of leadership, knowledge and abilities and skills in the field of music. One of the capabilities required of a teacher is to make the music SATB choir arrangements.

To be able to make arrangements choir, the must-have knowledge is to determine the areas of the human voice according to its kind. This is important because the arrangements was expected later be sung according to the area of ​​each sound type sound.

Each type of voice has the tone and character of the area between different kinds of sounds that one with one another. Each area of ​​the tone of each type of sound had a chest voice registers, middle, and head.

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