The Types of Cadences

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Cadence is a way of ending a composition work with a variety of possibilities as the final chord of a song phrase. Cadence is determined by the melody of the song to be arranged, because basically the arrangement also makes accompaniment. Variety chord as the end of a phrase determines the type Cadence as follows:
  • Perfect Cadence is cadens perfectly with the chord sequence level IV-V-I. In lagulagu pop chord progressions to get to meet a lot of this type.
Perfect Cadence
  • Half Cadence, is a type of chord progressions cadens having V-I levels. In the example below the song at the end bars are the 3rd and early 4th bars.
Half Cadence
  • Plagal Cadence, this kadens type of level IV chord progressions - I.
Plagal Cadence

Samuel Kurnianta
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