The Steps Compose Arrangements SATB Choir

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Arrangements SATB Choir
The first step is to determine in advance based on the chord bass set. Make the movement as opposed to the voice melody Soprano (principal melody). For example, the movement of the barline first soprano melody rises, it is recommended that you make a move bars bass on first down. Carefully avoid Kwint parallel and parallel octaves as described earlier. Once completed to determine the bass, try to sing in order to know who sings the melodic so people will feel 'bad', not merely compose tunes to complete the specified chord. This is called horizontal consideration.

Step two is to determine the middle voice, the alto or tenor. Try interval / distance between the soprano and alto tone is recommended for no more than one octave, as well as between the alto and tenor voice. Sedangakan interval for tenor and bass may be more than one octave as shown in the previous example.

Keep vertically, the notes can be as complete as possible in accordance with type chord.

Dual tone priority to the basic tone, the second priority for tertsnya interval. For example, the C major chord, the first priority of doubling the pitch c, and second priority to tone e as described above in the description of the material. It is intended that the chord quality is maintained and no interpretation mnimbulkan another chord.

Tone sequence from top to bottom is the soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. If found alto voice lower than the tenor voice, or a voice lower than the tenor bass sura, it is referred to as overlapping. This is as far as possible be avoided. It is intended in addition to aesthetic considerations of writing but more importantly that each type of sound is not clear or fuzzy.

All the melodies for each type of voice is the voice suggested that 'real', that sounds alto, tenor, and bass must be sung with the 'bad' and as if a new song is sung together. Therefore repeatedly sing the melody of sounds that you can make to impress melodic always appear, not only vertical considerations alone. If a sentence song needs emphasis or assertion can be arranged in unisono.

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