Modern Harmony - Non-Classical Music

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One of the skills required in the game of non-classical music, and shall be held by each musician is improvising. This is one thing that distinguishes between games classical music in general and non-classical musicians. Because of this ability must have, it is necessary to master the basic techniques of stock improvise. This capability is in addition to working to develop musical skills are also highly demanded by the workplace non-classical music.

Improvisation means developing a melodic tones of a chord scales. Improvisation is the ability to be owned by non-classical musicians.

In some repertoire, often required not be the same as the original song, but sometimes prosecuted the same as the original song. The song has been determined chord analyzed, because basically every level chords each have scales. The tones in the scales are then strung together to form a new melody which is the development of tones in a tone ladder.

Mastering the scales every chord in a song is the provision of individual identity in improvising. Musicians may not be able to improvise if not controlled and chord progression which is on a track.

The names of the chords 7 (seventh chords) in the C Major scales, are as follows:

Level I chord (Cmaj7) has the same tones with C Ionian scales, as follows:
C Ionian scales
Chord level II (D-7) has the same tones with d dorian scales, as follows:

d dorian scales

Chord level III (E-7) has the same tones with e Phrygian scales, such as the following:
e Phrygian scales

Level IV chord (Fmaj7) has the same tones with f Lydian scales, such as the following:
f Lydian scales

Level V chord (G7) have the same tones with g myxolydian scales, as follows:
g myxolydian scales

Level chord VI (A-7) has the same tones with a aeolian scales, such as the following:
a aeolian scales

Chord VII level (B-7b5) has the same tones with b locrian scales, as follows:
b locrian scales

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