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Inside there is plenty of music notation symbols, tones or scales. To Read Musical Notation, we need to learn the correct notation reading system, among other things:

Fixed do is a system do remain, meaning the tone c in any scales always read 'do'. For example, in D major scales in the following:
Fixed do

Movable do is systems do move, do not necessarily mean tone on tone c but it can move according to scale. This system is more widely known one in the world our music education, so that the resulting terms tones 1 = G, 1 = D, and so on. For those of us who embrace the system is more advantageous because we can quickly detect the interval scales.
Movable do

Specifies the tone that will be developed into a melody can be preceded by a rhythm pattern making. Rhythm patterns can be developed starting from the simple to the complex level, simple level, meaning the value of the tone using the form of notes, for example, not whole, half, quarter and eighth. While the complex rhythm patterns typically use a lot of syncope, in addition to using the shapes as small as one-sixteenth notes, triplets small and large, or perhaps quarterly or quintals, and others.

Keep in mind that a good rhythm pattern is not necessarily complicated and difficult to play. Instead of simple rhythmic pattern is not necessarily unattractive. The beauty of the melodies that form of rhythmic pattern is not determined by simple and complex rhythms arranged.

The beauty of the melody is determined by several things, such as: Compliance with the character of the song melody, meaning that if an improvised song is a melancholy song, the rhythm pattern is also simple and does not require a small value such as one-sixteenth tone or even 1/32. Prepared rhythm patterns and rhythm patterns should be similar to the song that will be improvised.
Read Musical Notation 4.5 5 Samuel Kurnianta Inside there is plenty of music notation symbols, tones or scales . To Read Musical Notation , we need to learn the correct notation reading...

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