Appearance and Singing with microphone

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Appearances in singing really determine the success of a singer in a show. Therefore as a vocalist should really try to show him as possible, so as to give the impression of glamor to attract the audience. There are several things to note in appearance, such as the make-up and costumes. Make up or makeup is needed in an appearance. The goal is to embellish or beautify themselves, but not overdone, which is only natural.

Hair styling is also worth noting, adjusted to face. For costumes or clothing to choose matching colors and pieces.

Singing with a microphone

Singing with microphone

A microphone in addition to strengthening the voice will also amplify the sound. For that a singer must be careful if going to move the place, be it high, low especially if it will be held by hand.

Sound results obtained depend on the position the microphone to the mouth of the singer. Good distance is 20 cm, making a 45 degree angle upwards, slightly below the mouth. The distance between the microphone and the mouth of the singer as much as possible is always the same. Indeed, this can be arranged by the amplifier, but it is not only sound but also amplified echoes and sounds around him.

Technical tools such as a microphone can change until there is unwanted sound. As a good singer, should not be satisfied with a loud noise, but it should always pay attention to beauty as well. With microphone in hand does not guarantee that the resulting sound to be beautiful. Not only the operator should keep the voting results be as good as possible, but the person who sings the leading role upfront microphone. Therefore the singer must be critical of the sound produced by the microphone.

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