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Simple Tips in animating the music accompaniment, that interact, especially with one instrument (if accompanied by more than one instrument), because the instrument has a more pronounced sense of rhythm. Expression is the mastery of poetry, song, while animating or appreciate as a whole. For that to be needed some singing techniques as follows:

Techniques inspiration

Techniques inspiration is a way to master the techniques of singing, namely:

Changing dynamics or volume
Techniques inspiration is usually done loud dynamics or changes in accordance with the gentle sound of the signs or feelings. Signs located in the dynamic structure of the musical phrase, which generally consists of two parts, the part before the summit, accompanied by a crescendo and the post-peak accompanied by decres-cendo.

Turning tempo
Choosing the right tempo for a song, is crucial in inspiration. Since all terms like allegro (fast), moderato (moderate), slow (Andante and very relative, then the singer should try whichever suits the tempo of the song.

Disclosure Song
In the first study revealing song inspiration. At first by choosing songs that lure movements, then sing songs that are more serious. Do not sing too loud, and do not sing only with sound but with a face.

The sound is always inspired by the appreciation of the content and purpose of the song, and the heart that never leave the voice. There should also read the text not only with the eyes but with the voice as if reading poetry.

Ornaments animates vocals
Variation means decoration or ornament. Specialized in categorized as usual vocal ornamentation, improvisation or embellishment that made sudden and impromptu or planned decorations. Ornamentation is basically aimed at making the song becomes warmer and richer shades.

Ornamentation no meaning whatsoever if not done with all my soul. Given the singing is the work of the heart, then the basic principle when making ornaments vocal still needs to be done with feeling. Are included in the category of vocal ornamentation, in addition to producing soft distortion and distortion, including vibrato, echo, tremolo, falsetto / kopstem. Distortion is the vocal sound made by such rough impression rocker, while the soft distortion is soft and raspy vocals. Like voice of Stevie Wonder, Celine Dion and etc.

Vocal vibrato technique is gentle deep waves, as many have done almost all pop singers. Mechanical vibration of vocal tremolo is more dense as many have done seriosa singers. Echo technique is a way of singing sigh, it is often used by singers who lack a steady wave potential vibrato or tremolo.

Kopstem / false falsetto voice is intended for men and can be used as an ornament. Utilization kopstem for the tone that can still be reached with the original sound is the voice of Mariah Carey in the song 'My All', and so on.

Ornaments animates song
For those who do not understand much about harmony, should not present a revolutionary ornamentation. Because it can get stuck in a disproportionate ornaments. Ornamentation not a major liability for a singer, the main duty is to sing with feeling.

In the world of singing, inspiration needed to provide ornamentation. There is no clear measure of ornamentation throughout delivered with heart.

Animates on Dynamic
Dynamic music is the language that implies loud voice soft. Singers such as Celine Dion and Barbra Streisand clever sweep the listener feeling. Popular music style of music belonging to the varied demands of dynamic games. Therefore, the singers of popular music professional proficient listeners feeling tossed.

Animates about Pronunciation
Vocal communication is not musically talking or saying a word, while the singing is a melodic vocal communication. A singer can always claimed animates the various aspects of his behavior on stage. The motion of his hands, his feet, including when saying the word need imbued. By animating movement tools pronunciation, diction means have presented the technique or style of pronunciation of the more interesting and can be useful to treat assertive character voice
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