The Expression Sing

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A singer should be able to carry a tune very well from a work in the spirit of the song, such as sad, happy, spirit and so on. A happy song should also be accompanied with a happy expression or movement anyway. Singing with the 'feeling' means singing with 'heart'. Before singing the song, it would be nice if it would live up to what was sung. Because as long as the content of the song singing must live with the feeling / heart. Many singers focus on himself, not the song being sung.

Expression sing

No chants performed expressive remembering songs are sung, especially when he read his poetry. Therefore, before performing, memorize lyrics be sung. Having memorized the lyrics, understand exactly what the message is in the song, and then understand the meaning and message, make sure your basic soul song of sadness, anger, excitement, joy and so on.

After successfully animates lyrics, sing the melody without any rhyme with integrated fixed on the basis of an interpretation of the poem the soul. Having mastered a song lyric, there is still one factor that must be passed is the musical accompaniment of useful functions to bring in a more profound sense. When singing to the accompaniment of music, united feeling song with musical accompaniment atmosphere.
Samuel Kurnianta
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