Musical Phrasing

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Phrasing is beheading sentence music in portions shorter, but still have meaning union. Phrasing purpose is to be able to cut off music more accurate sentence appropriate for the sentence. Thus an attempt to reveal a song can be more close to the truth contained therein in accordance with the message of the song. Phrasing are of two kinds, namely: 

Word Phrasing Language 

After saying each letter and how the tribe said that must be connected, the following are the center of attention on the union of words.

Means to bring a song to sing, that is: to appreciate the content of the words, as an idea or message. Then each song consists of: one or a few sentences of language, and one or more musical phrases. Ext both with itself a union. To peel a song, should read the words of the language without the song, and sing the words of the song without text.

Language sentence, to appreciate the content of the words, there are three sections that. I need to know, such as:

Sang the English sentence
Language sentence, to appreciate the content of the words, there are three sections that must be known, namely: the parts of a sentence, or word group that is a union. In a sentence or Phrasing beheading, not the melodic rhythm that determines, unless the meaning of words. So, which is the starting point of grammar. Then new Phrasing-accented melody and rhythm accents adjusted. In grammar, sentence beheading marked by a comma, so comma has an important role to show where beheading sentence is true.

Highlighted headword

To highlight a word there are two possibilities, namely: the spoken word harder, the important word delayed speech.

Syllable under pressure and not under pressure.
In the Indonesian language word accent is not as strong, but in general the penultimate syllable gets a little pressure. If d are the letters 'e' pepet the accent shifts to the final syllable.

Phrasing Word Music

Sentence consists of a network tone music in the form of motif or theme song. Theme song expresses an music idea.

Tone cluster (motif)
Motif is a piece of music in two barline sentence, or at most four barline eight barline. Sentence fragment is often found music that appears over and over with the same motion.

Peak of the song / phrase

Often the culmination of songs found on the highest note in a phrase or song. This peak is completed example with the song up (arsis), and returned for example with the song down.

Pressure tone
In music pressure is determined by the rhythm tone. Tone found on the first count of each barline get pressure.

Sentences were sung
Word of the songs are sung in two forms, namely: singing resitatif, singing melismatis.

Singing resitatif is: the words are more important than the music. To have to apply the rules of language sentence.

Singing melismatis is: a vowel is used to set the tone. Text giving full space to the song, to the applicable rules of the musical phrase.
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