Correct Posture When Singing

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good singing Correct Posture
To be able to perform sing well, required posture relaxed yet full of energy. A relaxed body is good and right attitude. Physically, the attitude of singing are all parts of the body should always be in a state of rigid. Moving the legs, arms, head and body as needed. Psychologically, the need to sing soul bending or tension. The mind must be positive and have dissolved the soul music movement.

If the physical and mental are flexible, be prepared mentally that will support a good vocal. How to cultivate a relaxed mental attitude and powerful, besides noticing the above factors also increase flight hours as effectively as possible.

Posture when singing is essential. To keep order not to cause tension, then practice not always shrug and move the chest up to be mastered by a singer. Typically, the tensions that occur due to physical or mental condition (psychic). circumstances bodily pain or fatigue affects breathing. Became short of breath and agitated. Spiritual circumstances that can cause tension that fear, anxiety, stage fright, and so on.

In a tension that is not fair, all the songs that have been properly trained can disappear instantly or fail. For that gesture of good singing is the attitude free of all tension, concentration to sing and be good at it under control. The attitude of the body is not rigid, but do not bend too looked up. Position right foot slightly forward, so that the weight can move with relaxed.

Samuel Kurnianta
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