Good Breathing Exercises for Singing

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Good Breathing for Singing

Collection and expenditure of breath with mild implemented without tension and without any burden shrugged. Breath drawn not to the full and was not released until the end, because it would disturb the peace in the singing. The step-by-step exercises to note are as follows:

Taking the ordinary and exhale without tension. Wait for a while until there is a thirst for breathing. Consider then the stomach will shrink and the thin body, then take a deep breath with your mouth closed through the nose by snorting like checking the air smells there. At that time, the stomach expands and the body become wider. Hold briefly, then remove to relax.

Second hand pressing on the abdomen, take a breath taking into account the urgency of the diaphragm so that the stomach move with the breath, hold briefly and then released slowly. In this exercise the breath pressure that moves the diaphragm and abdominal muscles. So instead of abdominal muscle movement which expands and contracts.

To master the diaphragm to move faster and stronger is to laugh out loud so that the stomach was shaken convulsively.

Take a breath do not get too full, hold a moment; think tones are sung, and then the breath expelled by singing "ma" for 4-5 seconds, then take a new breath, hold it for a while and remove it by singing "ma" for 8-10 seconds. Do it once more to breathe for 20 seconds.

Setting breath must not narrow the chest, but by moving the diaphragm. Intake of breath through the nose to the throat becomes widespread, the soft palate so advantageous to form a good sound.

At the time of singing breath should be sufficient supplies until the end of the line, so there is no "stealing breath" in the middle of the song that the sentence has not ended. For it must be able to regulate the breath with the diaphragm. Encouragement of the diaphragm under the lungs will keep the breath no more and no less.

To save the breath to do the following exercise: Take a candle and lit it, singing tone easiest example g or a candle in front. If you managed to turn the air released into economically sound vibrations, the flame will not move. Repeat this exercise 5 times
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