High Tone Vocal Training Method

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High Tone Vocal Training

Some way to train them is high tone vowel change our lifestyle associated with sound quality, such as waking up early, diligently cleaning up the esophagus so that the sound is always clear, also used to drink warm water so that the quality of sound produced by the vocal cords, the better.

The first exercise can be done by singing a song that has a low tone, try the singing voice can be played out without being detained. Singing with a high tone to the vocal cords and used to dilate, this exercise can be done in regular time each day that is at least an hour.

The next exercise is to sing scales do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si in a low tone. Then continue to sing the high notes to the maximum of your vocal cords. Repeat until the vocal cords become elastic and you are accustomed.

If you are already familiar with the high notes, try to start singing the song with high notes and sing to loud noises and off. At first you may have trouble singing in a high voice, but continue to practice at least an hour a day until you get used to. Try when singing the neck position and the condition of the body ever fit that sound produced can be maximized.

Do the exercises as often as possible, preferably every day if you can. because it relaxes the vocal cords can be returned if not often trained. Do exercises with piano or keyboard so that more precise tone.

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