Tips for a Good Singing Voice


VOCAL TECHNIQUE is: How to produce a good sound and true, so that the sound that comes out sounding clear, beautiful, melodious, and sonorous. The steps are a Good Singing Voice starting from:

The human vocal cords like a wind instrument. breathing be the key to sound the instrument. If the correct breathing techniques, experts say, then half of the affairs of the sound production is correct anyway. There are three types of breathing: breathing shoulders, chest breathing, abdominal breathing. Classical vocal technique, demanding RESPIRATORY diaphragm.

Singing is an absolute requirement of the vocal cords and throat are flexible. Therefore, the need of heating or vocals wants a shot every time or before taking to the stage. The exercise starts with a soft voice. Throat do not strain.

Feel free to open his mouth. Do not be afraid of your ugly face and mouth visible to others. The position of the mouth of a reasonable, not contrived. The lips should form a funnel-style trumpet, but still need to open the lid supple down. Jaw flexibly, especially when brought high notes. It avoids the sound "squashed". Tongue to be flexible, not rigid.

Vowel articulation (CAPS ON)
Five aka vocal vowels (a, i, u, e, o) must be trained continuously pronunciation. Mouth opened wide so that all audible clear vocals.

1. Do not force yourself to sing high notes-high notes that have not been mastered. The vocal cords can be worn.
2. Do not drink ice before and after exercise or very hot day. Beverages that are too hot nor recommended. Nortier Simanungkalit, father choir, also prohibits seriosa singer and choir avoid ginger.
3. Do not force yourself to sing when you're sick, cough, runny nose.
4. Avoid oily foods, spicy, 3-4 hours before singing. It would be ritually pure if professional singers do not drink coffee, alcohol, and smoking. Therefore, it is very affecting breathing.
5. Make a habit of drinking a glass of white water when I wake up and gymnastics in the morning while sipping fresh air as much as possible.
6. Enough rest. Not advisable wait up.
7. Do not sing in an empty stomach or too full. This affects the abdominal cavity, diaphragm, and the quality of breathing.
8. Singing in joy, not stress. Do not sing only voice but also your face. Expression or appreciation of the song absolutely necessary.


1. Keep your distance with the mouth. About 20 cm with an angle of 45 degrees. Always earned the same distance. When a high tone, keep the microphone so that the volume of the sound is not too hard.
2. Singing voice. Features a microphone for voice hardened. So, you do not need to completely remove the noise. Voice is too hard will turn out to be broken and sharp.
3. Do not take a deep breath into the microphone. Reason, your breath will be a canned voice microphone is very sensitive.
4. Record and listen to your own voice as an evaluation.

Good Luck and hopefully usefull for you..
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