The Tielman Brothers - First Rock Band in The World


The Tielman Brothers
In a music world that Indonesia has one of the legendary rock band is quite global, even the band is arguably the oldest rock band in the world. However, if the Indonesian people were asked, who exactly rock band or singer oldest rock in the world? Surely most of those who were asked to answer the bands originating from abroad, such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, or the singers such as Elvis Presley, Bill Haley, Fats Domino and others-who would have thought lain. But actual rock band the oldest in the world was originated from Indonesia, namely The Tielman Brothers.

The Tielmans Brother is coming from Indonesia, surely we should be proud as an Indonesian, because arguably the pioneer of rock music was derived from the Indonesian people. The Tielman Brothers themselves, formed of 4 children mauda derived from the Moluccas. Originally the band was called The Timor Rhythm Brothers and later changed its name to The Four Tielman Brothers, which four  personnel Tielman brothers, Andy Tielman (guitar, vocal) Reggy Tielman (rhythm guitar, vocals), Phonton Tielman (double bass, vocals) and Loulou Tielman (drums, vocals).

Their musical talent was passed down from his father who used to play music and career of The Tielman Brothers itself is quite smooth, since both their parents Herman Tielman and Flora Lorine Hess not only support, but also acts as the manager of The Tielman Brothers.

The Tielman Brothers own career started when they began to appear along with the song and the dance area in Surabaya in 1945. They appeared in a party to impress friends from their father because it can play a song that is quite difficult as Tiger Rag and 12th Street Rag. From there then they get a lot of offers to fill in some of the events in other areas. Even Tielman Brothers have performed in front of President Sukarno at the presidential palace.

The Tielman Brothers move more smoothly when they start to move to Breda, Netherlands. There they began to enter the studio, and The Tielman Brothers started exploring rock music abroad until they arguably provide a fairly devastating effect in the world of rock music scene at that time.

When it looks stunning Tielman Brothers Dutch public in particular and Europe in general. It can be said that wild stage attraction and attractive as well as playing guitar and double bass while running, jumping and rolling was first performed by The Tielman Brothers, do not forget of course the attractions drum solo demo.

Dutch public call music performed by The Tielman Brothers were 'Indo-Rock'. The distinctive feature of the Indo-Rock itself is, dominance guitar, an instrument that was introduced by the Portuguese when it comes to the Dutch East Indies. Portuguese guitar style that eventually became known as the keroncong music by The Tielman Brothers combined with Hawaiian music, Country, and Rock 'N Roll. They heard the music from radio stations that disseminated the United States from the Philippines and Australia.

The Tielman Brothers have facts staggering, as long before a lot of people stunned with a pretty insane guitar owned by Jimi Hendrix in 1967, one of the personnel Tielman Brothers, Andy Tielman, the frontman of the band has embarked on such techniques in 1956 or 11 years before Jimi Hendrix experimented with guitar. Engineering and Andy's guitar style is very intriguing, like a plucked guitar using feet and teeth done long before Jimi Hendrix did.

Paul McCartney, one of the Beatles frontman also admire this band and also inspired by The Tielman Brothers before the Beatles famous in the early 1960s. Long before the Beatles appeared, The Tielman Brothers have brought the songs of rock 'n' roll. When the Beatles first gig in Germany, they had seen the appearance Tielman Brothers were performed using the Hofner Violin Bass. From there Paul first saw the Hofner Violin bass.

In 1958, The Tielman Brothers has three albums that became hits all over the world, and they also have a Gibson Les Paul's first new output imported into the Netherlands at that time. Behind the success of The Tielman Brothers, they also had experienced personnel disassembly. For them it is not a problem that can make Tielman Brothers stopped in the middle jalam. But from the incident, they could make better achievements, where they could still exist by appearing in several other European countries, such as Belgium and Germany.

The Tielman Brothers 1976 reportedly broke up, they broke up the cause could be said for the music game they seem monotonous and no progress. They play music at the level that's it, that's where the public finally became bored. But the name Tielman Brothers still alive in the hearts of his fans. As of today there are many works that we can hear them and still loved by many people abroad, especially in the Netherlands.

When Andy Tielman still exist, he is still playing music and living in the Netherlands. At age quite dusk Andy Tielman more recordings to spiritual songs and occasionally performing with his guitar. Until the year 2011, frontman of The Tielman Brothers, Andy Tielman died at the age of 75 years.

Up to now the name of The Tielman Brothers can still hear and also take a look, because it could be said that Indo-Rock appeared since their popularity is the pioneer of the birth of rock 'n' roll. Hopefully Indonesian musicians, could bring the name of Indonesia to the world stage, and even become a public idol world, like The Tielman Brothers.
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