The Organs of Voice

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The voice that is owned by a singer, the sound comes from the membranes contained in the base of the throat and supported by the other organs around it. To that end, the voice as the main capital in singing should be properly addressed and maintained his health in order not to have an accident while actually singing or performing.

organs of Voice

How to form a sound is to listen carefully notes issued, then invert hands on ears forward. Prospective singers will be much disturbed by what is called Hauch, the false air crashes and wild together with singing tone, resulting in sizzling sound side.

During the singing occasional nose closed, while paying attention to what was emerging voices nose. In this case, there are certainly parts of the narrowed throat.

Samuel Kurnianta
The Organs of Voice - written by Samuel Kurnianta , published at 10:51 PM, categorized as Education Music , Sing , Techniques , Vocal , Voice . And have 0 comments
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