The Intonation

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Intonation or sing exactly is the desire of every person who is a singer. For that there are some things that must be considered in intonation are: relaxed, not tense in singing, do not be afraid to achieved the high notes, confidence, concentration, did not hesitate in taking the pitch so that the pitch does not go down, breath exercises the diaphragm in order to get a long breath.

Vocal cords in sync again, especially at each replication tones and tone on hold, this is to keep the sound does not get tired, sensitive to others, especially the sound accompaniment.

The cause of the lack of proper intonation is caused by:
  • Lack of exercise, resulting in less control of the songs performed.
  • Feeling afraid if it can not reach the high notes.
  • How respiratory deficient
  • A place of breath is not clear
  • Less sensitive to the accompaniment
  • The difficulty with the right tone jump shooting

Exercise interval leaps to target tones exactly. Exercise tones shift register voice, to sing songs that move the key. Exercise tones the sound boundaries, both for high and low sounds, pronunciation of vowels clearly so that the pitch does not change, is not affected by other scales, especially from areas that are used to sing everyday.

Samuel Kurnianta
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