Exercise Vocal Technique Growl and Scream

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Vocal Technique Growl and Scream

Voice or vocals, the music or the band playing is very important, because the vocals in place as an object that is fundamental in music, in my blog this time to discuss or share how the characters scream and growl vocals that we can be more proficient in playing and prepisional easy and becomes master rocker. And actually practice playing the vocal character is very difficult and requires vigilance in practice, because this scream vocals that often rely throat in the rock should sound it.

I wear a safe way alone, that we can do on a day-to-day activities either at home or in a quiet place, at least away from the crowds of people to train as a vocal scream as we know it has character hardvoice, we can at least maintain the existing situation on the environment, use the environment as a venue concert bands and friendly and full of energy.

Alternative ways to embellish them with herbs voice scream:

  • Do not smoke
  • Drinking water dew that has been stored for several days stored and drink in the morning
  • Drinking orange fiber, water sherbet, or ginger beverage

Natural way:

1. Often practicing rock band's sound (scream) at least 2 hours;
2. Set the input breathing out 8 hours in one day.

Scream vocal character, vibrato technique (guitar sound) most importantly, for what this vocal enough to just raise and lower the tone pitch, tone practice of slowly but does not reduce the existing Scream character though slowly up so fast it vibrate automatic. Breathe the air gradually with engineering scream.
Samuel Kurnianta
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