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This time, I will reveal the secret techniques of the guitar, especially metal guitarist to play music with metal genre. Maybe some of you have heard or a loyal listener of music metal example As I Lying Dying, Bullet for My Valentine, Asking Alexandria, etc. When we hear the music genre like this would probably not be separated off from the guitar techniques and licks that sound complicated. But did you know that in fact of all the complex-complex was derived from the basic techniques are easy.

This time I will give you the secrets of metal guitar techniques that must be mastered to become a guitarist metal music. Actually, if we look from the characteristic of metalcore music is tuning the guitar using drop D, drop C, or else drop and breakdown techniques (such as the hardcore genre) so these are the two points that we must know before we go any direction further.

1. Drop tuning is tuning where the strings 6 (top string) in turunin tuning. For example, to drop D. Whereas in the past we had the standard tuning EADGBE, then when we want to use drop D then we turunin tuning 6 strings so that together with the strings pitched 4 D, so that the whole becomes DADGBE tuning.

2. Breakdown is a guitar technique is to make the guitar sound interrupted with a certain tempo. To do so, you use the fast picking technique then take a split-second pause. To understand what I mean, you try to listen to the songs from August Burns Red. It requires compactness with the bass and drums kick on.

Once you know about two important points in play metalcore, it's time to discuss the techniques that are often used by guitarists metalcore. There are at least 5 techniques are often used by guitarists metalcore:
  1. Downstroke-upstroke is the basic technique of picking. Usually in metalcore use fast picking. Read also posting a simple way to train picking.
  2. Pinch harmonics is a technique that uses a pick and assisted with the thumb as a producer of harmonic tones. It made ​​a split second after you pluck the strings followed by a touch of the thumb.
  3. Arpeggio licks arpeggio technique is modified in such a way so as to form beautiful tones. Usually placed on the chorus but did not rule on the intro or ending part. You can hear it in the songs Trivium.
  4. The two guitar harmony is a technique that combines the harmony of the two guitars to form a beautiful rhythm. That is why almost all metalcore band using the 2 guitarists. To understand the harmony between the two guitars, you should know a little about the scale-specific scale making it easier to find the harmony notes.
  5. Picking powered, meaning you have to play it expressly and powerful especially when doing the breakdown. Therefore, you must use a thick picking picking power to help you.
These are common techniques that are often used. Of course you can add other techniques, such as wharmmy bar in your guitar solos.
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