Ozzy Osbourne The King of Rock

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King of Rock
The lovers of Black Sabbath certainly already familiar with Ozzy Osbourne. Image powerful rock inherent in him capable of carrying 65-year-topping vocalist throne Ultimate Rock N Roll Hellraiser version of Planet Rock Radio UK.

Ozzy managed to frustrate the other big names such as Alice Cooper, Jim Morrison, even Axl Rose. The composition of the vicious rocker ratings taken from a vote held British radio station during the week.

The Planet Rockers loyal listeners repeatedly provide support to their idol. Where Rock Lives Through the program, a variety of input and comments through Twitter, Facebook, or short message accommodated.

After reaching the specified time limit, the results support the incoming processed. Contains a list of the top twenty names rocker appeared to then announced by DJ Darren Redick in the program that lasted two hours.

Lead singer of the legendary band Guns n Roses, Axl Rose is only able to rank eleven. But Axl still better position than Steven Tyler (Aerosmith), which are the three numbers below.

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