SATB Choir Arrangements

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Before making arrangements, let us consider the basic provisions SATB the choir arrangements. Writing in block notation: Soprano and tenor written stalk upward direction and Alto and bass written stalk downward direction. Sets the tone: The essence of creation is to determine the arrangement based on the chord tone is established.

To determine a good tone Watch for are:

1. The first priority, the basic tone.

2. The second priority on Kwint tone.

3. Not recommended in tone terts (distance to three),

4. Distance tone on each type of voice.

5. Keep your distance / interval Soprano to Alto, Tenor and Alto with no more than 1 octave. Consider the example of the song the first bars following:
SATB C major
C Major

The interval between the soprano and alto tones e1 and c1 is not more than 1 octave, even less than 1 octave, the interval between the alto and tenor tone g and e1 is also less than 1 octave.

6. Distance tenor to bass may be more than one octave, for example:
distance tenor-bass
C Major

Samuel Kurnianta
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