Type of Voice

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types of voice
SATB (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass) are arrangements sung by the voices of men and women or often referred to as mixed the choir. This arrangement is considered the most perfect tone for the region to reach more broadly. Four types of noise are soprano, alto, tenor, and bass can be combined in various combinations, as follows:

Soprano and alto (SA), this arrangement is usually sung by the choir (choir) women or children. Low noise are not always seen as a bass voice choir therefore, should be accompanied by an instrument to strengthen the low tones.

TTBB (Tenor, Tenor, Bass, and Bass) is a the choir sung by a male voice, but the more we come across are male the choir to 3 votes, namely (Tenor, Tenor, Bass) TTB.

Make arrangements for mixed the choir (SATB) is basically create a new song. Soprano voice is usually already there and a melodic essence, although sometimes there is also the principal melody laid on another type of sound, it is the exception.

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