Pitched Percussion Instruments

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Pitched percussion generally have blades arranged in accordance with the principles of the keyboard. In relation to that some of this type can play standard melodies, harmonic intervals tones are sounded simultaneously. The sound produced by banged sticks on the strips available.

Marimba has two rows of blades are big size compared to other instruments of this type. Series blades are located close to the players is lower than the other series. Bottom row diatonic tone as the series it is for chromatic tones like black keys on the piano. While the blades of marimba made ​​of wood choices, strip-bar of another instrument which refers to the piano keyboard, made ​​of metal.

glockenspielThe instrument is played in an upright position so that the blade-blade inclined sideways, as he held the back of the left hand. Meanwhile, the right hand holding the stick and slapped on these strips to produce tones. This instrument is one of the marching bands complement instruments.

Xylophone blades made ​​of metal. The sound of the marimba in the form of pounding and clanking round while Xylophon sharp. The instrument is in the middle between the marimba and xylophone vibraphone is. When a sound wave is emitted arise. These instruments have the pedal like the piano.

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