Major Scales Piano

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The distance between the two smallest pitch is the distance -1 / 2 (show on piano ef, bc, fis-g, or a-bes). Two distance -1 / 2 is the distance -1 (show distance c-d, cis-dis, e-fis, or bes-c). As a basis for clarifying about the major scale piano, it can use a row of c to c: c - d - e - f - g - a - b - c-(original names). Scales consist of distance -1 / 2 and -1 * distance). At the piano is played rows c to c, then each distance are shown one at a time. The second place distance -1 / 2 must be memorized well, that is between the 3rd and the 4th, and the level of the 7th and the 8th.
Tones Stairs Major and Minor

Distance -1 / 2 is very important because it will give to attract tendency to pitch, namely:
  • Tone-7 to draw the basic tone scales again.
  • Tone-4 to pull a third tone scales.
Scales in this order is the major scale, if established major scale in other tones, then to maintain the distances -1 / 2 should be worn low and high.

tone mole piano
An original tone can raise half the distance, with writing cross mark on the face of the note, by adding-is (eg: c = cis).

An original tone can be elevated two times half the distance, giving way writing with a double dagger mukanyadan add-isis (eg: c = cisis)

A tone can be lowered 1/2 the distance, write a mole on the face not sign it, and add-es (eg, b = bes).

An original tone can be lowered two times half the distance, writing with multiple moles marks and add-eses (eg, b = beses).

If these changes are not used, then it can be put on alert again. Sign back is to restore single or multiple changes to the original tone. If you want to restore from single to multiple changes, then this should be noted in particular.

restore to the original tone piano

Show on piano and show that a high or low tone does not always fall on the black keys.

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