New Scales on Piano

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In the previous post, we have little understanding of the basic major scale piano. Indeed, the piano has keys the same, just different names, sometimes tone. The tones were called "Enharmonis".

The new scales are barred on the fifth tone above and beyond the c-5 from tone to the next scales. Meanwhile, a new mole scales, there is the tone of the under-5 c, and so the tone of the following five basic tone scales next.

Ladder after ladder nda new tone C is G, if played then: g - a - b - c - d - e - f - g, range -1 / 2 between the tones 3 and 4 are correct, but the distance between the 7th and 8th are not, so the tone to-7 should be exalted: g - a-b - d - e - fis - g.

So therefore there is a G major scales that barred one. Next new scales starting on the fifth note of the G scales, namely d. And d be a basic tone. High tone on tone G (ie f be fis) was maintained and tone-7 in heightened to get the distance -1 / 2 between the tone of the 7th and the 8th, it will be a gamut D major barrier two.

In this way the other trestle scales can be searched by Cis scales were barred seven.

Sequence shows an overview of the scales are clearly the "circle Kwint". Kwint is the name of the distance between the first and fifth tones. Barred the new scales are always up 5 tones and scales of this new tone to-7 is always on heightened. Mol scales new is always down 5 tones, and from these new scales of the 4th always lowered.
Samuel Kurnianta
New Scales on Piano - written by Samuel Kurnianta , published at 2:44 AM, categorized as Basic Tones , Musical Instruments , Piano , Scales . And have 2 comments
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