Non Pitched Percussion

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bass,+snare,+tenor+drumAmong the percussion instruments that are not pitched bass drum; the side drum; the tenor drum; Tamborine and castanets; the triangle, cymbals, and gongs. Group of instruments or drum sets drum is played by one or two banged sticks on the membrane stretched over one or both ends of the cladding. As with the other instruments bass drum also has an instrument that bass drum.

In addition there are drum instruments not pitched a similar drum, tambourine kind, but smaller and thinner. In addition cladding around the board, there are several pairs of small disk Anchored loosely so that when moved will be heard tinkling.

Never pitched another tool, a completely different drum groups is Castanet. This instrument consists of two convex disc of a slab of wood connected by a cord, which Anchored on one of the fingers and palm of the hand if the disk is closed then the second step will sound like a horse. Sometimes these instruments are played by clapping. Traditionally, these instruments are used in Spanish performing arts called Flamenco. Flamenco is a combination of three types of performing arts, namely dance, play guitar, and singing typical Spanish. In the orchestral instruments are used in the works of the Spanish national nuances such as the works of Manuel de Falla.
Non-pitched percussion type that produces sound is loud and whirring triangle, Cymbals and Gong. Among the clearest sound sharpness is Triangle. These instruments are usually used to play rhythmic patterns are constant sometimes incidentally with other instruimen for certain effects. Cymbals are made up of a pair of large metal disc, sounds more blunt than the triangle, but has the effect of snap and twang a stronger reflection and shine. Meanwhile, the gong has a buzzing and whirring beat stronger, wave beam is broken, and that's obviously surprised.

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