The Saxophone Treat

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The Saxophone is a kind of musical instrument aerophone, these instruments have a source of air that produces sound by vibration. This saxophone musical instrument has a 18-20 hole conical valve / spare tones, made of thin metal.

According to Boehm, that all the valves are controlled by a kind of key, some open and others closed temporarily at no time played. Saxophone consists of four parts, namely: mouthpiece, neck, body, and Bell. 

Mouthpiece was originally made of wood, but now there are made of ebonite and metal, glass and plastic. Likewise with a clarinet mouthpiece. Mouthpiece and reed coupled with a metal ring called a ligature as a binder.  

Good mounting position is symmetrical with the tip end of the reed mouthpiece or safer this way:

1. Reed on the mouthpiece put it right 
2. Put mauthpiece reed attached to the ligature, not to knock ligature reed tip because the tip of reed to tear. 
3. adjust the position after the end of the reed is attached to the end of the mouthpiece symmetrical 
4. Then tighten the ligature by turning the bolts so as not to shift amplifier. 

Tips on Caring for Saxophone
  1. Using a saxophone instrument must be careful to avoid collisions with other hard objects.  
  2. When finished using ought to immediately clean it with a cloth that easily absorbs water or using paper is smooth and soft.
  3. Wash the mouthpiece and reed after use.
  4. If there is no special seating, we can put the saxophone to euthanize instrument on a flat surface and flat, not to get the key parts that withstand heavy loads of saxophone (chase), because the basic material is made of soft metal. It is also to avoid shifting the valve and into the earpiece is not working properly.

     5. Save the saxophone in a safe and dry place to keep the expansion/ 
     6. Do not put a chase that contains the saxophone in reverse.

Similarly, the outline of the instrument the saxophone and how to care for, may be useful for friends.
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