Ylvis - The Fox (What does The Fox Say ) History


Bard Ylvisaker - Vegard Ylvisaker
Bard Ylvisaker and Vegard Ylvisaker
Her sudden a song titled "What Does the Fox Say" suddenly became hits worldwide. His videos have been uploaded since 3 September 2013 has now grossed 130 million viewers. From the name, we can guess that they are not an American. Who they were touted as "New Gangnam Style?". Before "The Fox" appears, Ylvis is no stranger in the world of entertainment Norway. They start a career from the ground since the early 2000s in various comedy shows and theater occasionally appear on TV.

Starting in 2006, the popularity of Ylvis uphill and they began to be active in the radio show is named "O-fag." Year later, Yvis debut as the host of the national TV on the show "Norway's Most Wonderful." On the other hand various shows byproducts such as "Yvis is Stupid "and" Who can beat Yvis "increasingly raising both national rating.

Vergard (1979) and Bard (1982) was born in Bergen, Sogn district that is located in the west of Norway. They spend their childhood in Angola and Mozambique since his father worked as an engineer there. After several years in Africa, the duo returned home to Bergen Yvisaker. Here they began to pursue the art of singing, although never once did a duet vocal training in particular.

In 2011, the two brothers began creating his own comedy talk show named "I kveld med Ylvis" (Overnight with Ylvis). A wide variety of parodies and music videos shown to promote this event. And "The Fox" is one of the music video that was originally uploaded for season 3 promo "I kveld med Ylvis." Little did Ylvis brothers know that all they have achieved are not comparable with the release of their new video.

Both Ylvis and Stargate did not expect success to happen next. Ylvis even deliberately inserting an apology in the dialog script is not able to talk because "go-international" despite having one of the service utilizing the best production company in the world. Then, why his songs sound the fox? "It all starts with curiosity as to what his voice," said Vegard. He explained that most animals have a special voice recognition except fox.

And Ylvis brothers has now made 130 million viewers participate curious and wonder what it sounds like foxes. "We did not pursue fame and reputation. We just wanted to make something funny. There were only able to 100,000 views, nothing can penetrate 100 million views. But all of it has the same recipe, "said Bard

In addition to his appearance as a singer comical and full of comedy, turns Vergard have certificates as a commercial pilot. It looks like the Norwegians still be chasing dreams, art and hobby without sacrificing education.

Ylvis - The Fox (What does The Fox Say ) History 4.5 5 Samuel Kurnianta Bard Ylvisaker and Vegard Ylvisaker Her sudden a song titled "What Does the Fox Say" suddenly became hits worldwide. His vid...

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