History of Classical Music Orchestra

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Orchestra is a big band formation consisting of complete musical instruments among other music groups. Orchestra has been around since the power in the 14th century, and also in the kingdom Francis. Musical instruments used at the time as the lute, viola, flute, drums, and virginal. Composer Monteverdi is a major contribution and has not been done before for the development okestra. Claudio Monteverdi became prominent 17th-century musicians, Monteverdi Ensemble involves the whole family viol, flute, cornet, suckbuts, lute, organ, harpsichord, harp and then expanded using new effects such as pizzicato and tremolo.

From century to century orchestral music developed along with advances in theater and opera. Creativity is encouraged composers to explore the sound for the purposes of the show. Lully was the first composer to explore the sound of stringed instruments, and Alessandro Scarlatti, he was one of those who pioneered the string quartet (string quartet). In an orchestra the aristocracy, to try to work to practice to improve his play ensemble music. Manheim has an orchestra known for its dynamic notation of the composition and structure of rare previous instructions. This orchestra emphasizes the importance of neatness in the game clean melody, harmony arrangement homofonik, short lyrics, and repetitive rhythms. While Mozart further increase the significance woodwind orchestra texture.

Increasingly, many new instruments in the orchestra which was introduced by Beethoven. He introduced orchestral instruments like the piccolo, the double bassoon, trombone, and some percussion instruments such as triangle, cymbals and bass drum. Virtuositas various orchestral instruments really developed after the Beethoven.

After Beethoven, many composers to interpolate new instruments into the orchestra, the Mendelssohn. He was the first composer to include tuba in symphonic music.

In the 20th century the extremist George Antheil involving aircraft sounds, electric bells, and horns. Gershwin uses French taxi horns in his An American in Paris; knock included as a manual typewriter by Ferde Grofe orchestral instruments in his tabloid.

But in the Soviet Union, Orchestra only lasted for 10 years and eventually banned because some players began to oppose to some rules and controls that are considered excessive.

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