The Clarinet Musical Instrument


An orchestra has 2 or 3 clarinet, this instrument is an important instrument in an orchestra. Clarinet is very important in the wind instruments such as the violin in stringed instruments. This instrument was developed by a German instrument maker, JC Denner. Clarinet has a "reed" in the mouth. Reed is on the bottom of the mouthpiece, the player presses the lower lip, upper teeth normally being in contact with the top of the mouthpiece (some players roll the upper lip under the top teeth to form what is called a 'double-lip' embouchure).


Clarinet is a type of reed woodwind with a single (single reed). Tubular cylinder with a mouthpiece at one end and a bell (funnel) at the other end. Reed mouthpiece attached to a curved metal wrap. Clarinet tubes have holes and keys in a valve that allows the clarinet to play chromatic tones.

Clarinet is an instrument transposition, the pitch produced from those written. In connection with that da four Bes clarinet in the Clarinet, Clarinet in A, Clarinet in ice, and the Clarinet Bas in Bes.

Clarinet in A has a slightly larger size than the Clarinet in Bes but tuned one and a half barrel lower. This instrument can be used as a substitute for Clarinet in Bes played more easily through certain valves. Clarinet in Ice reads a lower Kwint Clarinet in Bes. Bass clarinet in Bes sounds one octave below Clartinet in Bes.

Clarinet evolved from Baroque musical instruments called Chalumeau. This clarinet has eight finger holes, like a recorder, plus two of the most high-key tone.

Original Denner clarinets had two keys tone, and can be played with a tone link scale, but various makers added more tone key to add the notes, easy pick, and a more spacious and light levels. Classical clarinet of Mozart's day has eight finger holes and five keys tone.

Recent developments in modern design from the clarinets are now widely in use around the world that introduced by Hyacinthe Klose in 1839. He arranges complete with its own tone and key with finger holes that its use easier. It was inspired by Boelum system developed by Boehm.
The Clarinet Musical Instrument 4.5 5 samuelkurnianta An orchestra has 2 or 3 clarinet, this instrument is an important instrument in an orchestra . Clarinet is very important in the wind instr...

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