The Trumpet - Wind Instruments

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Trumpet-instrument is the highest brass. Ancestors trumpet in the upstream damage that used to communicate over long distances and often connected with military and war. Trumpet is a type of wind instrument. Trumpet has a level tone in the class of wind instruments, standard B flat trumpet, trumpet comparable to the sort of B flat trumpet, piccolo trumpet is an octave higher.

Trumpet made of brass pipe is bent and then straight. Trumpet and trombone cylindrical bright, loud sound. By comparison between the trumpet and flugelhorn conical produce a more melodious tone. More precisely, the caliber is a series of pointed, the mouth is smaller and wide before blown, determine the correct form of taper tone generated from the tool.
 Region Tone (Ambitus)

During all of the tools are made of brass, the sound produced by blowing with the mouth closed, produce sound'' buzz'' into the mouth and into the vibe started with trumpet. Modern trumpet also has three valves, each valve which rose has a different sound, with a condescending tone dots.
  • The first valve condescending tone of the instrument point with all levels (2 and a half tone)
  • The second valve by a half rate (1 half-tone)
  • The third valve by one and a half levels (3 and a half tone).
  • When a fourth valve is present, with some piccolo trumpet, the point will be lower tones (5 half-tone).
Series trumpet is perfect harmony combined with other instruments, but there are a few notes on the trumpet is a suitable and somewhat locked, which is known as wolf tones. Some trumpet has a mechanism established to replace the tone.

The size of the end of the trumpet affect the timbre or quality of sound produced, the ability of the player to play, and the comfort of the player in playing the instrument. In general, the wider end of the trumpet and the sound and color produce a strong tone.
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