Musical Instruments Made of Ice

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Terje Isungset ice saxophone

Everyone would agree, if the music is a universal language. To create beautiful music, it takes good equipment too. Along with the times, the development of musical instruments are also increasingly diverse. Electronic musical instruments and certain already made ​​plain, and we often see, but if you imagine an ice cube/ beam can also be a musical instrument? Which immediately occurred to our mind is freezing when playing music from ice cube.

Through this article, Music Zone will discuss how the ice blocks to produce an instrument that is not less great music with musical instruments that already exist.

Anyone can certainly create music. Although the equipment is simple and sober, including wear objects that are all around us, but to create a piece of music, the sound produced by these objects should have a different sound. As long as we are able to form and develop a sound tones of the object in such a way.

But what if the music was created from ice chunks formed into a musical instrument? This will definitely be an awesome game music. As well as that conducted by Terje Isungset. That is a songwriter or musician who came from Norway. He played music unlike most musicians.

Terje Isungset and friend

Terje Isungset, creator of musical instruments with ice. Terje Isungset not use conventional instruments to create music. But with a block of ice which he shapes into forms such as horns, xylophones, drums, and even harp. Everything is pure to use ice.

Terje Isungset, transform blocks of ice into a trumpet shape and then he started playing with his action he plays a musical instrument tebuat of ice. Terje Isungset already making music using acoustic effect and resonance properties of ice for 15 years.

"I started playing with my dad when my age was 8 years old, playing the accordion and drums. I should listen to my instruments, instead of deciding to how it will be heard. Instrument who decides how I should play it. And this is a great honor for me, has the ability to be able to make music using the most important resource in the world, namely water. "Said Terje Isungset.

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