The Bassoon - Wind Instruments

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Bassoon is a wooden musical instrument bass sound. Instrument is recognized from two separate pipes that are connected at the ends by a pipe-U. Bassoon in the past but the bassoon has two keys that are used in the orchestra now has four keys. Bassoon is often used to create a serious or quiet tone but can also create silly tones when playing staccato.
Bassoon parts

Region tone on tone of the instrument is the bassoon Bes1 to e1.

Samuel Kurnianta
The Bassoon - Wind Instruments - written by Samuel Kurnianta , published at 1:48 AM, categorized as Bassoon , Classical Music , Musical Instruments , wind instruments . And have 2 comments
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Lavender Loafers
Nice to meet you to!!! Yes my father is musician and he even composes music and makes sometime family concerts! :)
Samuel Kurnianta
Your father is a great dad :)
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