The Types of Orchestra


Music orchestra consists of various types. Although it is always evolving, but the kind that are important to understand the following:

Bolero is Spanish dance in triple rhythm, usually accompanied by castanets. But first created by Sebastian Cerezo in 1780. Although this form is essentially orchestral, Chopin made a bolero for solo piano. Bolero is a famous work of Maurice Ravel, was written for the dancer Ida Rubinstein in 1928. This work is known as an orchestral work later on.

is a concerto for two or more instruments, and orchestra. For example: Mozart - Concertante in E Flat Simfonia Major, for violin, viola, and orchestra.

Konsertino means minor concerto. This understanding is parallel to sonata and sonatina. Konsertino structure simpler than the concerto, short parts and its development section varies. Some of the contemporary French composer wrote konsertino for piano and orchestra, namely: Jean Francaix, Arthur Honegger, Francis Poulenc and.

Concerto is works great for 1 to 4 players solo instrument with orchestra, Tapin generally for a soloist. Concerto for solo instrument and display individuality virtuositas players. Concerto generally terdidri of three parts:

  1. Using the traditional sonata form which traditionally ends with kadens. At the showcase soloist kadens virtuositasnya without orchestral accompaniment. In the first part kadens conducted improvisation, as did Mozart, but in the aftermath composer, performer, or musician, wrote the part kadens.
  2. Is lyrical, sometimes in the form of the base (the form of songs), and sometimes in the form of theme-variation
  3. Written in the form of a rondo accompanied kadens section at the end.
Used swapped with serenade, Cassation and nocturne. The term is often applied to the composition of the same shape it was rather difficult to distinguish between the characteristics of each other. Divertimento is usually used for outdoor concerts or open space or for entertainment palace, and usually have a mild character. This form has several short sections and styles vary.

The Types of Orchestra 4.5 5 samuelkurnianta Music orchestra consists of various types . Although it is always evolving, but the kind that are important to understand the following: ...

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