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Resonance in Singing

Resonance in Singing
Resonance is a phenomenon that has nothing to do with the number of cavities in the human body. Everyone was singing, resonance will arise from the sound produced. Therefore broad resonance helps increase endurance and strengthen the voice vote. The main hall there is a resonance in the head, with lots of large air chamber or small, and the effect on the establishment of a sound. Vocal cord vibrations spread to the chambers that his resonant voice.

Space consisting of all the cavity resonance in the human body, especially the cavity above the vocal cords. Resonance space can be divided into two kinds:
  1. Resonant cavity whose shape can not be changed, and
  2. Resonant cavity whose shape can be changed. 

The function of the cavity, especially cavity can cause differences in color change is sound and vowels. The more the air contained in the cavity resonance, the more rounded sound generated, because the air resonate.

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