Country Song

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country songs

A style of music with vocals from America, first developed in the village, sung by the travelers, herdsmen and workers. Popular country music since 1940. In the 1950s Elvis Presley American country with the theme song about love and meek ​​heart. The rise of the country in the 1970s, which affects the development of country music.

Variety rural rhythms of American tradition begun development this time the West began much raised again. Vivacious vocal style and is delighted to be the hallmark of country music. With striped clothing, country singer to the accompaniment of musical instruments such as guitar, banjo, fiddle will each air-said-replication.

For example, country songs are Take Me Home Country Road (John Denver), Amanda (Waylon Jennings), Cold Cold Heart (Hank Williams), How Forever Feels (Kenny Chesney), I Do (Paul Brandt), etc.
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