Unique Musical Instruments in the World


Rock music sometimes gives strange colors but bad music heard by his fans. It is not possible they do research or experiments to use the tools that it has a distinctive sound or different. To provide beneficial effects to songs by copyright. It quickly adds the famous rock song.

This is a strange musical instrument on famous rock songs:

1. Electric Violin

Generally used in classical music orchestra. But when it comes to dimatchingkan with music Rock n 'Roll, the results were quite impressive. Great band 'The Who' in ancient times was the loudest band. So to use the violin to match and balance the severity, they at that time using the electric violin, so that his voice could howl. When 'The Who' to play live on stage, Roger Daltrey, vocalist, played harmonica as well, but it can be heard clearly that it is the violin when I heard the song on a studio recorded version. Perhaps because The Who do not have an electric violin player remains.

2. The Glockenspiel

Shaped like a gamelan, but also similar to the kulintang in Indonesia. According to Thom Yorke, harpsichord-like instrument is not commonly used in classical music, and especially if in rock music, it will not vibrate the chest roar. This tool is essentially a xylophone made with steel metal. Glockenspiel heard in the song "No Surprises" by Radio Head. Listen carefully, as it may be overlooked, these tools provide a high pitch noise on. Her voice is simple but has an influence on the musical atmosphere, which makes it a very melow and mystical.

3. Theremin

These are the findings of Leon Theremin in 1930. Theremin is a musical instrument in the world that can be played without having to squeeze. This tool uses the power telekinetik, looks just a box with two antennas. The way the game is just the distance between the hands of the player playing music with this tool. The Beach Boys used this instrument, but in a different way because it does not use the existing antenna on the top box Theremin. Video The Beach Boys lag using Theremin in "Good Vibrations" in 1967.

4. Melodica

Melodica is a mixture of keyboards, flute and harmonica. Played by blow in the mouth and pressed keyboard keys. In this way the instrument melodika be able to play specific notes. Melodica sound in the song 'Champagne Supernova' sung Oasis and Cake on the song 'The Distance'.

5. Spoon

Spoon was used in the instrument gebuk-thumper, or percussion. How to use it is by holding two spoons in such a way that there is a clicking sound when you mengetukkannya other on the tool. Please see the video song 'Soundgarden', was inspired by a musician from Seattle called "The Spoonman" that plays music with a spoon. Voice is heard is the original spoon played by Spoonman. Because the members of Soundgarden and no one knows how to play the spoons.

6. Saws Machines

Jackyl Band, with guitarist Jesse James Dupree, using these tools in the 80s to enrich the music in the song 'The Lumberjack'. Correspond to the song, he uses a chainsaw as lumberjack means woodcutters. And it is very odd indeed because the chainsaw was not a musical instrument.

7. Ocarina

His voice was like a flute but distinct, resonant tone flute could be longer. Try to listen to the song 'Wild Things' by The Troggs. Video ocarina on the song 'Wild Things' by The Troggs.

8. Harpsichord

At first glance like a piano, but his voice is very different. Piano provides music with beats by hitting the string, a harpsichord plucks the strings with the recent emergence voice in it. He sounded pretty weird. This instrument is usually played in the 1700s with players using the French-style wigs in ancient times. Harpsichord sounds the rock song "Too Afraid to Love You" by The Black Keys. The song begins with the beating drum, but the sound of the keyboard and then replaced with a harpsichord. This rock song sound very interesting combination and not easily forgotten.

9. Bagpipes

This tool is a musical instrument Scots, it may have been inspired by many as The Corr. However, since this rock it will remember the roar of the music of AC / DC are included Bagpipes musical instrument in the song 'It's A Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock N' Roll) '. In the video shown when the band AC / DC paraded in the city and there are 3 people with Bagpipes in tow who participated to the music. Bon Scott play this instrument, so Bon Scott really master Bagpipes can play a musical instrument.

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