Reggae Music and Waltz

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reggae music

Popular rhythms of Jamaica by using elements of folk and rock, and served through the beat of drums accompanied by a vocal style that many plays free improvisation appropriate ornament or character reggae. Reggae recordings have appeared since the 1960s through Millie Small and Desmond Dekker.

Led in 1970 by recording sounds Zeepelin reggae numbers on the album Houses of the Holy, and the song Paul Simon There Goes Rhymin famous song Jimmy Cliff Simon or 1973.

Vocal style to impress waltz happy, cheerful and colorful. Waltz inspired by a traditional German dance form. Special style that is somewhat different from the rhythms of another song is on a ¾ knock, made ​​popular waltz around the world as an accompaniment to the dance.

Variety of dance rhythms measures of 3, traditional dance Europe (Germany), which began to tune since the 19th century. known to the English waltz and Viennese waltz, waltz and waltz British style Viennese style. Waltz can be found in the song The Last Waltz (Engelbert H), Tennese Waltz (Patty Page), True Love (Elton John), Delilah (Tom Jones).
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